About Inaya Shujaat

Muslim, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, enemy (haha! Just trying to be realistic here!) etc.

I have two kids: a daughter, named Zubeda (Zuby), and a son, named Asad. I’m American, my husband is Pakistani. We are both Muslim, and no, I did not become Muslim when I married him. I became Muslim years before we ever met (one may wonder why I feel the need to clarify this, but trust me, there is a need).

I’m opinionated, but I would never claim to hold the only correct opinion. I love talking about a variety of topics (as
evident by my blog). I feel that we all have something to learn, and
something to share.

I have two blogs:
Personal: Musings of a Modern Muslim
Recipes: White Girls CAN Make Biryani


5 thoughts on “About Inaya Shujaat”

  1. namatalislam said:

    Salaam aleikom 🙂 Do you think you could write a post about how it’s like being Muslim where you live? I think it’s interesting.

  2. Fiona Motala said:

    Assalaamualaikum where in the US do u live? I design and import abayas from the UAE. I loved your post about visiting there.

    • Wa alaikam asalaam,

      I’m currently in Florida, but InshAllah, will be moving to Abu Dhabi sometime next year. Our visit was so that my husband could attend third round interviews for a job prospect, and Alhamdulilah, he was offered the job.

      Do you design abayas exclusively for export to the US, or do you have a boutique in the UAE? If you do have a shop, where is it located?

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