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Yesterday, an incredibly sexist, chauvinistic, misogynistic image was shared on a (now former) Facebook friend’s wall, that stated women have to “submit to the authority of their husband,” and that the role that women are to play, is nothing more than to raise children.
This view is dangerous and wrong. It reduces women to nothing more than slaves to men. It supports male-ego theories that women are inferior to men, and have a limited “purpose,” which is set forth by their male keepers.
I have noticed that ultra conservative Christians are encouraging this view, with propagandist ass-hats like Kirk Cameron and the Duggar family at the forefront.
The very same people who will tell you that Islam is a backward, oppressive, foreign religion (never mind that Christianity has its roots in the very same region!), and yet, here they are, promoting views that go directly against the teachings of Islam. Our holy book, the Quran, even has (loads and loads of) verses that talk about the rights of women.
The true icing on the cake was when the (former) friend, a hard-working woman herself, actually apologized to the sexist ass, telling him that she was sorry for the poor treatment that he received. Never mind the fact that he was harassing every single woman who disagreed with his antiquated (and moronic) views on women. She even defended him, telling someone that he’s a good person.
Good people do not behave in this manner. Especially people who proclaim to be followers of the teachings of Jesus (peace be upon him). Never once did Jesus say that it was okay to subjugate and enslave women, because they were inferior beings.
I know this, as a Muslim, for you see, we too, following the teachings of Jesus.

(For anyone who is interested in seeing a side-by-side comparison of women’s rights in Christianity vs Islam, check out this cool little slideshow:  http://www.slideshare.net/wadsan/women-in-islam-and-christianity-a-comparison)