I am sure that we have all seen those obnoxious magazines with some ridiculously fit and trim woman on the cover, who claims to have lost massive amounts of weight in an insanely short amount of time. And, I am sure that some of us have actually read the interviews of said women, and read the highly offensive things that they had to say. You know, things like, “Oh, I just decided to stop thinking like a fat person.”

Thinking like a fat person. :/

That goes beyond ticking me off. It makes me fume, any time I think of it. In fact, it upsets me so much that, I think it’s been YEARS and YEARS since I last read such a piece of garbage, but it still gets to me!

When we take that leap toward taking care of ourselves, and trying to shed extra pounds, we are not changing our thinking from a “fat person” to a “skinny person.” I have been at both ends in my life, and I can tell you that my thinking is no different now that I am overweight, than it was when I was underweight (granted, that was when I was a teenager!). My thoughts regarding food are unchanged. I have always loved food, and I always will. And I do not see that as an emotional weakness on my part. Why should I? Food is, in my opinion, AWESOME!

What has changed, though, is my ability to give myself a little bit more self-worth than I was before (in my case, I think that my anti-depressant may be helping in many ways). My kids have also reached an age where they are not so dependent on me for each and every whim (only one remains in pull-ups at the moment). This has allowed me to have more time to actually think about myself (a whole 10 minutes a day, as opposed to 2 seconds!), realize that I do matter as a person.

Women are, by their very nature, nurturers. We nurture everyone and everything around us (yes, even if you think that you have a “black thumb,” you probably still at least attempt to keep the doomed house plant alive!). But we forget to nurture ourselves. We get the family fed, while we stuff our mouths with quick calories, and energy drinks to make up for sleepless nights. Our bodies are literally wrecked by pregnancies, lack of sleep, and an inability to properly look after ourselves. And as time goes on, there doesn’t seem to be any sign of it getting better. Not in a timely manner, at least.

Before we know it, years have gone by, and we can no longer remember what it felt like to be young, fit, and healthy. We invest in our families, and forget to invest in ourselves.

Making a huge lifestyle change like eating and exercise habits is NOT about changing your thinking so much as it’s about finding the time to take care of yourself. To show yourself that you matter. It’s about trying to find little ways throughout the day to actually put yourself first for a change. And to not feel guilty about it, because you are worth it, and you deserve it!

Throughout it all, you think not as a fat person, or a skinny person, but as simply a person. A person of great worth. 🙂