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I don’t really know where to begin this post, to be honest. I’ve got a lot on my mind, and I feel a great need to vent. Most of my frustration at the moment is directed at Muslims who make weak or senseless arguments. I’m tired of reading garbage by Muslims who support and encourage anti-Muslim rhetoric. Things like claiming that Muslims are somehow by default happier in non-Muslim countries. No actual studies were done, no polls or surveys, not even any official statistics to back up their bogus claims. It’s really nothing more than just voicing their own poorly-informed opinion. It’s perfectly alright if they wish to continue to live in whatever country that they are living in, but they really do need to give up falsifying facts to somehow justify their choices.

Now, jumping to a different issue that bothers me: niqab.

I do not now, nor have I ever, worn niqab. I don’t agree with certain sentiments that it’s fardh for women to cover every single inch of their bodies, leaving nothing but their eyes showing. I am a hijabi, and I wear either abaya, or shalwaar kameez (sometimes, I choose to wear jeans with a kameez). I show my face, hands, and on occasion, my feet (when I wear sandals). I don’t think that I’m exposing my awra in any way.

Now that I have made my position somewhat clear on the matter, I think that what I have to say next will seem less clear. Please bear with me. I’m exhausted, and my hands are hurting.

I also believe that it is a woman’s free choice to wear niqab. If she is in a society where it is safe to do so, and will be free for harassment, and she wishes to do so, then by all means, let her. This is my stance because this is the stance according to the Hanafi school of thought (I am a Hanafi Sunni Muslim). I am offended by arguments that say prostitutes in certain Gulf countries wear niqab, and as such, wearing niqab may cause a woman to be mistaking for one. I think it’s absurd, and idiotic.

It’s a weak argument against an act of modesty, and it needs to be stopped. Think about it for a moment. Do we stop wearing a particular color or print, just because some prostitute somewhere wore it once? Of course not, that would be ridiculous. So, tell me then, why would we stay away from niqab because of some hearsay stories about prostitutes hiding in niqab? Why would we abandon something that is noble, and pure, and a true sign of being Muslim? Why would we do that, and totally ignore the fact that perhaps prostitutes also wear hijab?

It’s preposterous. Oh, and insulting. I respect and support Muslim women who choose to wear niqab. And I never ever think that they must be a prostitute. Rather, I think that they are far from it. And everyone else should, too.