I decided to clean my house like a housekeeper this week. That means doing windows, baseboards, actually removing things to dust them, and getting on my hands and knees to scrub tiles.

It amazes me when I hear women complain about their housekeepers, and how they don’t clean enough. I wonder to myself, “are you willing to do yourself what you expect her to do?”

Last week, a woman actually complained that her housekeeper (or “maid” as she incorrectly referred to her) was found with cancer, and what bad luck that was for her (the woman, not the housekeeper). I was peeeeeved, but could say nothing at all.

I cleaned houses with my mom for about three years. Housekeepers work HARD, and for relatively very little money. Most employers expect them to do all of the work that they themselves refuse to do. We even had people who wanted us to do all of their laundry and dishes each week. I always thought, “you gotta be kidding me! Do you own clothes and dishes! You lazy person!”

And yes, they WERE lazy. We are talking about young, healthy people, with big kids, or even kids who were out of the house. And yet, they couldn’t even do their own stinking dishes!