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“Everyone has different levels of iman.” We hear this A LOT. Sometimes, all the time. The meaning is basically to go easy on someone who does not practice Islam as much as they should, understanding that they are just at a different level.

I am completely fine with that, and take no issue with it at all. We DO have different levels of iman. What I have a problem with, is the fact that sometimes, in trying to impart something beneficial, you get verbally slapped in the face. You get met with this statement (“different levels of iman”).

If someone tells me this again (mind you, I’ve gone many months without hearing it), I think I finally have a response:

“Yes, I know that, but we all need to strive to increase our level of iman.”

I’m trying very hard right now to increase mine. I just keep thinking about how many Ramadhans I may have wasted. I fasted, and did all that I needed do, but was any change at all effected in me?