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I’m an opinionated and outspoken person, so any time I get a chance to speak my mind, I jump at it like a rabid rabbit. I mostly like to talk about my experiences as a Muslim living in America, with a special focus given to wearing hijab (the headscarf). I’m not trendy by any means, but that doesn’t mean that I lack an opinion regarding fashion and trends.

A few months ago, Miriam Sobh, with HijabTrendz.com asked if any hijabis would be interested in being interviewed for an article on hijab body image. Of course, I emailed her in a heartbeat, telling her that I would love to participate (like I am going to pass up a chance to talk! ha!). When I received the list of questions, I sat down and answered them as fully as I could, trying to provide something that could be useful. There was a note that if any questions were particularly interesting, that she may wish to interview certain individuals further. My oh-so-humble side hoped that I would be interesting.

Time passed, and I didn’t hear anything further. That led me to believe that I must have been too hum-drum, or typical. Oh well. We cannot always be brilliantly amazing to everyone (I know, hard to believe, right?).

Today, on Facebook, I saw a link for the article (it was just published). When I clicked on it, I was delighted to see that I had been quoted! Yahoo! I’m a celebrity! Sorta. Okay, not really.

Anyways, not to get too into myself or anything, but without further adieu, here’s a link to the article: Hijab And Body Image.

I’ll take my 15 nanoseconds of fame. 😛