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Yeah, I thought that it would be such a cute and novel idea to do Asad’s room in robots, spacemen, and rocket ships (all retro, of course. No Star Wars here, please!). A quick search on the Internet showed that a good few others have undertaken the same project for their little boys.

Good, I thought. I will be able to glean some tips, suggestions, ideas, and shopping resources from moms who decorate nurseries by day, and blog about them by night.


I was able to get the name of a very good Internet based toy store for vintage/retro-style tin toys (tintoyarcade.com), but that was about it. Whereas there are loads of tin robots to be found, there’s really not much else out there in the “cyber souk” that is the Internet. No super chic looking crib sets with awesome quasi-modern robots and rockets. No rad space mobiles to hang from the ceiling. Just a bunch of tin toys. And inspiration for DIY projects.


I can be crafty when necessary, but these days, I find myself just wanting to buy things ready made. Which is why the dopey robot eraser at the top of this post excited me so much. His room is looking like a disjointed storage room if sorts. It’s shameful. But one day, inshAllah, it will be done.

I just hope that he’s not in college by then.