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On the 21st, the Garden Gnome will be one year old! I can hardly believe it! To celebrate, we are planning a trip to Disney World, inshAllah, just like we did for the Forest Troll’s first birthday (which also coincided with Eid ul Fitr that year).

Since we live in Florida, we have been to Disney World a few times (the Florida resident discount is amazing!), but the most special visits were the first time, the Troll’s b-day, and when the Gnome was born.

Looking back at photos from our trips is making me feel nostalgic. It really is a magic place, from the time you arrive, till you have to force yourself to leave. I just looooove Disney World!

InshAllah, lots of photos will be taken, and for those of you who know me on Facebook, I will share them. For the rest of you, enjoy this photo where my hubby and I are looking so fresh and young (back in the days of having an only child! Haha!). 😛