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This blog post is to the bigots of the world. I offer to you a challenge: silence the hatred. Many of us were raised with the saying that if you could not say anything nice, then you should not say anything at all. This was meant to teach us to use our voices for something more positive and more productive than to rip or tear at others. It was an attempt to make us into people with good hearts and minds. People who do not set out to hurt or destroy others.

When we must restrain ourselves from saying hurtful, negative, evil, damaging things, then we find ourselves trying hard to say things that are healing, positive, good, and beneficial.

Think of a situation where you know that you will lose something that is important (a job, a loved one, etc) if you open your mouth and spout venomous words. You may be thinking of spiteful things to say, but you know that saying such things would not only be detrimental to the intended target, but also to yourself. In those cases (if you have a brain that fully functions), you hold your tongue, and you opt to instead say something that is good, or, you say nothing at all. Rarely would a person with a sound mind say something that could hurt themselves personally.

It always baffles me that there are these people (bigots) in the world who feel the need to tear others down, for no other reason than differing views, opinions, or beliefs. What baffles me more is that it does not take a great amount of courage to do this, thanks to the Internet. Rather, I feel that it takes monumental portions of cowardice. Sure, you do have those individuals who would actually yell obscenities into people’s faces, but for the most part, when actually confronted, they back away, mumbling. They really only have power in numbers, on the Internet.

Speaking of the Internet…. This is my very personal and direct message to the bigots who have recently tried to abuse me: I will not be posting your comments, nor will I be saving them “for posterity.” They will be deleted, ignored, and most of all, forgotten. If you yourself cannot silence your hatred, then I will do it for you. Your voice is only heard when you are given an outlet. I will provide no such outlet.

Oh, and before anyone starts spouting off about the “freedom of speech,” I will say this: the freedom of speech was never meant to be an avenue for insulting, ridiculing, or hurting others. And the argument that “what’s offensive to one may not be offensive to all” does not apply here. If it was meant to be offensive, then it is offensive.

Go comment on Pamela Geller’s blog. I hear she has room for hatred in wholesale quantities.